East Midlands Academy Trust

East Midlands Academy Trust

Dear parent/carer, Your child’s school belongs to a multi-academy trust, the EMLC Academy Trust. This letter is to tell you about an exciting milestone in the evolution of the trust.

Following six years of successful partnership with our charity sponsor, EMLC, the academy trust is now mature enough to develop into a standalone multi-academy trust. Our new name is the East Midlands Academy Trust, which you’ll begin to see around your child’s school, along with a new logo for the trust.

The new East Midlands Academy Trust will continue to have one focus – to provide the best education for the children in our schools. In practice, very little will change – your child’s school will keep its name, the staff will remain the same and your uniform will not change.

To help you understand the changes and what they mean, we’ve put together an FAQ sheet which we hope will answer any questions you may have.

The East Midlands Academy Trust will continue to celebrate and encourage strong leadership and set high expectations for our staff and students, just as we always have done.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Joshua Coleman Chief executive, East Midlands Academy Trust


We hope the following Frequently Asked Questions will answer any questions you may have about the changes affecting the multi-academy trust.

What is changing?

The trust has formally separated from its charity sponsor, EMLC, and is now a standalone multi-academy trust. As part of this transition, we have a new name – the East Midlands Academy Trust.


This separation from our charity sponsor follows two years of detailed discussions. It was agreed that the trust is now mature enough to develop into a standalone multi-academy trust, marking an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the academy trust as it seeks to grow and develop.

Will my child’s school now be called something different?

No, your school is retaining its name, identity and logo. The only change relates to the multi-academy trust, which has overall responsibility for performance and educational standards across all of its schools. This trust will now be known as the East Midlands Academy Trust and you will begin to see this new name and its new logo used within your school community.

Will my child’s uniform change?

No, your school uniform will remain the same.

Will the signs outside my child’s school change? We are exploring the possibility of new signs outside our schools to reflect the new name of the trust, the East Midlands Academy Trust, and its new logo.

Will the finances of my child’s school be affected?

No, our schools continue to be funded in the same way, with part of their funding coming directly from the Government and some distributed via the multi-academy trust.

Will there be a different team at the new trust overseeing my child’s school?

The multi-academy trust is retaining its central team, including its chief executive Joshua Coleman who has been with the trust since January 2018. We have recently recruited new members to the central team to build on the expertise within the trust, and we will be relocating from our previous head office in Olney to be based at Northampton International Academy to be closer to teaching staff and students.

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