Nursery Spring Term 1st Half 2022

Our Spring Term topic is ‘Watch us Grow with Stories That We Know’.

This half term we will be focusing on traditional tales and nursery rhymes and next half term our traditional tales will link to our growing topic. We are looking forward to welcoming in our new January starters and still have a few spaces left for others to join us.

This week we were very sad to see that Humpty Dumpty had a terrible accident after falling from a wall. We have been learning the nursery rhyme and investigating what happens when an egg is dropped from different heights. We discovered that it is not possible to fix a broken egg with tape and we also saw an egg yolk and white.

Click this link to hear the rhyme.


In our independent explorations we have been exploring colour mixing and discovered that colours can be combined to make new colours.


It has been a cold and frosty week and we have once again had great fun mark making in the ice. We watched ice melt on our hands and discovered that our warm breath can make the ice melt too. We found a large sheet of ice in a tray of water and discovered that it breaks if you drop it.



Toilet Training

Using the toilet is a new skill for many of our Nursery children. The NHS website has some excellent advice to help with toilet training.

Our Nursery staff are eager to support you and your child with toilet training and will encourage all children to visit the toilet at regular intervals during their session. Please provide spare clothes and wet wipes so that we can change them if they have an accident. 

Please watch Pirate Pete's Potty Adventure together and talk about what Pete is doing.

There is also a toilet song to make using the toilet fun.



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