Bug Club

Bug Club is a whole school reading programme that hooks children into a lifelong love of reading through stunning books on an incredible online reading world, that are filled to the brim with favourite characters.


  • Over 500 finely-levelled books and eBooks featuring popular characters children know and love like Shrek, Doctor Who, Lego and Timmy Time
  • Uses technology that children use every day to make reading even more fun - with online quizzes, games and reward worlds to spark enthusiasm
  • Develops basic ICT skills such as typing, keyboard navigation and mouse control.

Using the online reading world

Each child has a unique homepage and can log into it by following these steps:

  1. Go to: Active Learn Primary
  2. Enter the login details
  3. Your child's name will appear

View this video for support logging into Bug Club

Get in Touch

To get in touch with Castle Academy please click on the link below, or call us on 01604 346802

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