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Year 6

Joining Hands - Summer Term

Please click on the link below to gain access to Year 6's Joining Hands workshop.



Dear Year 6,

Click here to open the welcome video from your teachers. 

Work is being uploaded onto this webpage, just like in our previous lockdown. There will be worked added to the system weekly but broken down into days, there may be additional worksheets that go with your work and these can be found at the bottom of the page. 

There are Maths and English tasks, including Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension questions and SPaG. You will also have a Topic unit to cover over the course of each week. 

We are still expecting you to:

  •  Daily read to an adult and get your reading record signed
  •  Use Bugclub
  •  Complete Sumdog challenges
  •  Use TT Rockstars

Please remember we can see who has logged on and for how long, these websites will help develop and refine your English and Maths knowledge and skills, ready for when you return.

We expect this work to be completed and emailed to your teacher:

Mrs Hemming -

Miss Durrant -

We expect to see evidence of your work each day. 

If you are unable to complete or access the work from online, then please notify the office and printed copies will be availble for collection. 


Please follow the link to a timetable that may be useful to follow for your learning for the week. 

How to videos

How to use an online fraction wall

How to use online place value cards

How to use online rekenreks as beadstrings

How to use place value counters

Additional resources

Video of Fracton Faire to support Maths read by Miss Durrant

Decimal, Fraction  and Percentages Word Mats 

Adverb and adjectives mat

Modal Verbs Mat,

Properties of shape knowledge organiser

Powerful Poetry 2

Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes Story

Year 6 Punctuation Mat 

Daily Learning Tasks

Maths Talk -  please click the link to the video for your challenge. 


Week 2 Spellings with PowerPoint


Please find a video for a quiz on yourmixed times tables! 

Monday: SPaG, Reading Comprehension text, answers and questions, English and Maths Learning Tasks, Topic: History 

English Monday and Tuesday

Maths Lesson Part 1 and Part 2 

Tuesday: SPaG, Reading Comprehension text, answers and questions,English and Maths Learning Tasks, Topic: DT, Thomas Edison Facts, DT Research Planner

Wednesday: SPaG, Reading Comprehension text, answers and questions, English and Maths Learning Tasks, Wednesday and Thursday Biography Task Topic: PSHE, PSHE Well template Maths Lesson Part 1 and 2

English Wednesday and Thursday 

Maths Lessons Part 1 and Part 2

Thursday: SPaG, Reading Comprehension text, answers and questions, English and Maths Learning Tasks, Wednesday and Thursday Biography Task Topic: Science, Science Worksheet

Friday: SPaG,Reading Comprehension text, answers and questions, English and Maths Learning Tasks, Topic: Music 

Daily Reading Book

Review of Learning W.B. 22.2.21

Please remember to email your work in to either Miss Durrant or Mrs Hemming each day. 


Learning from previous week W.B. 22.02.21

Monday: SPAG,Reading Comprehension text, questions, answers, English and Maths Learning Tasks,  Topic: History

Monday English Lesson Video Part 1 and 2

Tuesday: SPAGReading Comprehension text questions and answers (all on one document), English and Maths Learning Tasks, Topic: DT

Tuesday English Lesson Video Part 1 and 2

Maths Lesson Video Part 1 and 2

Wednesday: SPAG, Reading Comprehension text, questions, answers, English and Maths Learning Tasks, Topic: PSHE

Thursday: SPAG, Reading Comprehension text,  questions and answers English and Maths Learning Tasks,  Video for Nrich Tasks Isometric dotty paper, and Squared paper for Maths.  Topic: Science , handout 1

Friday: SPAGReading comprehension text, questions and answers (all on one document), English and Maths Learning Tasks,  Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes Story, Topic:Music 

English overview

The attached document below shows the English overview in Year 6 for the year. It identifies the theme of the texts that the children will be exploring and displays the outcome of each term.


Recommended Reads

Looking for something to read whilst you are at home? Have a go at getting through these 100 recommended reads for Year 6:


Joining Hands - Autumn 2020

This term, our Joining Hands workshop will be taking place right here on our website!

The focus for this term is Reading as it is such a big priority for us here at Castle Academy. Please take a look at the videos below. The first introduces you to our English leader, Mrs Hemming, who has an important message for you and the second video shows a teacher modelling how you can read with your child.

Click here  to see special notices and further material on what VIPERS are and how to support your child with their reading.






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