Covid-19 - parent info

Year 4

Thank you for all of your hard work learning at home during lockdown Year 4! School is now open for some year groups and so all of the teachers at school will be teaching these children that school is now open to. This means that home learning will look a bit different. Please see below for a list of website that will have activities for the children to access throughout the schools closure to Year 4. Any teacher planned activities that we are able to provide will be posted below that. 


All children have individual log ins for Bug Club, Sumdog, TTRockstars and Flash Academy

Chidlren can also access additional resources on Purple Mash and Espresso which will match lots of the topics the children have studied as well as lots of new learning. 

You will find additional lessons for children at BBC Bitesize and at Oak National Academy

For additional maths learning, we would very much reccoment two sites. 

White Rose have a variety of learning videos and although the activity sheets are no longer free to access the videos are still very valuable tools. There is also I See Maths which has daily videos and activities linked to this learning. 

Children can also be practicing the spellings for their year group to ensure they are familiar with them. 

Teacher Planned Activities

This week we have uploaded daily learning grids for your child to complete. On this grid you will find instructions for reading, writing and maths activites. Any resources needed to support the learning will also be uploaded. 

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Pants on Fire Chapter 1 

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 

Online Safety

Whilst we are all at home and using the internet a lot more often online safety is something that all families are thinking about lots! Here are some activities for you to do together as a family to talk about staying safe online. They will be updated every 2 weeks so that we can keep online safety in the forefront of all of our minds!

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 5 Activity 6



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Geometry Knowledge Organiser 01st Jun 2020 Download
Rules for dialogue speech 08th May 2020 Download
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