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Year 1

Activity Week: WC 5th July 2021Queen

Monday 5th - Transfer morning and Invitations from the Queen!!

Tuesday 6th - Crown making and a Punch and Judy show.

Wednesday 7th - Decorating pebbles for whole school display, Splats Circus skills and fruit carving.

Thursday 8th - Party decorations and making cupcakes.

Friday 9th - Making party food and finally....... our tea party with the Queen!!

Joining Hands - Summer Term

Please click on the link below to gain access to Year 1's Joining Hands workshop.



Year 1 Summer term 1

WC: 24.05.21

Parents evenings Monday and Tuesday. Please make an appointment to discuss your child's learning this term.

Maths - Revising multiplication and division, 2d and 3d shapes.

English - Punctuation and using conjunctions.

History - Big write about a significant person in History.

Art - Creating our own animal patterns.

Science - Learning about different types of animals - mammals, amphibians, fish....

Learning about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.


This term in year 1 we will be learning about:

Maths – Multiplication and division, fractions, 2d and 3d shapes and numbers to 100.       

English – Contemporary tales, animal poems and writing instructions. Please continue to share reading books at home.

Science – Plants and growing and animals including humans.

History - Significant people in History: Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

PSHE - Relationships

Art – Animals and patterns.

ICT – We are story tellers.*Please continue to use Bugclub and Numbots


Year 1 Remote Learning 2021 

Hi Year 1. We miss you all so much. Each day there will be some activities for you to do at home. You can do them in your home learning book or on paper. For some of the activities we will upload videos underneath the day to help you with your learning. Have fun :)    Miss McAleenan    Miss Welch


Here is a suggested timetable to help you during this period of remote learning. We suggest that the children take regular breaks after each activity to help them to stay engaged and on task. Thank you for your support.



Don't forget Mr Lugg's weekly challenge! There will be a prize for the best entry each week. Good luck! Click on the link below.Star



Each week we will share a video of some amazing home learning. Take a look at this weeks video to see what we did last week. Reel



Parent support - how to help your childHand

We have been asked for ideas on how to support writing at home. Below is a video to give you some advice on developing writing in year 1.

If there is anything else you need support with, please send us an email and we will put some ideas onto the webpage to help you at home.


Week 8 -  w/b: 1st MarchRainbow


A big shout out to Perry who was our year 1 superstar of the week.

He won a family movie night kit because of his amazing singing.Star

Well done Perry :) 


As we enter our last week of remote learning, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts with helping your children at home. We really appreciate it. Have a lovely week, Miss McAleenan and Miss Welch.

Phonics week 8





Monday 1st March


Day 1 Phonics - u-e 

Phonics sentences



End of Day Story

Tuesday 2nd March



Day 2 Phonics - aw

Phonics Sentences

Instruction activity below


Wednesday 3rd March


Look at the pictures of the story settings below to help you in your English lesson or look at some books you have at home and discuss the settings.


Day 3 Phonics - are

Phonics Sentences

Maths Day 3

Video for following a beat below

Thursday 4th March


World Book Day Video


Day 4 Phonics - ur

Phonics Sentences


Friday 5th March



Day 5 Phonics - er

Phonics Tricky words

Maths warm up challenge

Maths Warm up Video

Rainbow Day Celebration

In school we made a rainbow in the style of Paul Klee. 

IMG 1238[1]

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past 8 weeks. We are really looking forward to seeing all the children on Monday (PE as normal). Have a lovely weekend. Miss McAleenan and Miss Welch 

Week 7 - w/b: 22nd February Snail


A big shoutout to Nicholas who was our superstar of the week before half term! Nicholas won a family game prize which he could enjoy with his family over half term. Super home learning Nicholas, well done! :) Star

We hope that you had a good half term break. Please contact us on the above emails should you need any help or advice. Have a good week. Miss McAleenan and Miss Welch.

Phonics week 7




Set 2 sounds 

Monday 22nd February


Phonics Day 1 - ea

Phonics Sentences 


Maths counting in 2's song 

Maths Video


Matisses Magical Trail story

Tuesday 23rd February


Phonics Day 2 - oi

Phonics sentences



Maths counting by 5's song


Wednesday 24th February


Phonics Day 3 - a-e

Phonics sentences


Maths counting by 10's song

Thursday 25th February


Day 4 Phonics - o-e

Phonics sentences

Friday 26th February


Phonics Tricky words

Maths Warm Up Challenge



Who are the stars of the week?


English overview

The attached document below shows the English overview in Year 1 for the year. It identifies the theme of the texts that the children will be exploring and displays the outcome of each term.


Recommended Reads

Looking for something to read whilst you are at home? Have a go at getting through these 100 recommended reads for Year 1:


Joining Hands - Autumn 2020

This term, our Joining Hands workshop will be taking place right here on our website!

The focus for this term is Reading as it is such a big priority for us here at Castle Academy. Please take a look at the videos below. The first introduces you to our English leader, Mrs Hemming, who has an important message for you and the second video shows a teacher modelling how you can read with your child.

Click here to see special notices, further material on phonic screening words and how to support your child with their reading.




Letters from your child's Year 1 teacher:

Please click here to download a letter for your child from Mrs Craven, which will tell them whose class they are in next year. You can then go to the Year 2 page to see a video which has been recorded by their new teacher!

Watch our welcome videos below for our new Year 1 pupils!

We also have another teacher in Year 1 next year who has not been in school yet to record a welcome video for you but she is very excited to meet Beccayou all in September. Her name is Mrs McAleenan. 






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