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Year 1







Please see the videos below and complete the activities in their green home learning books.

Follow the link to watch this video with your child. Please complete any writing in their green home learning books! 



Please see the maths PowerPoint and complete the questions in their green home learning books


Subtraction Powerpoint

Andy Warhol

Colour in Captain America in the style of Andy Warhol and write some of your favorutie facts on the sheet. 

(Sheet should be in Green Home Learning Books if not your child was handed this sheet)

Andy Warhol Powerpoint

Mindfulness colouring. This week we have been learning about Harvest. Complete the mindfulness colouring and reflect on why we celebrate Harvest. 

(Colouring sheet should be in Green Home Learning Books if not your child was handed this sheet)


A big thank you for all your donations. As a year group we raised enough money to be able to purchase a cow to send to Africa!

It has been another busy week of learning! This week in Sloth and Dolphin class we have been learning how to subtract numbers! We had fun using different resources to do this. In English we have been focusing on using capital letters and full stops in our work. We have also celebrated Black History month by looking at Rosa Parks and her story. As well as Black History month we also celebrated Harvest this week. We had lots of fun creating harvest poems and learning a harvest song. 

We hope you all have a lovely half term and we will see you back in school Tuesday 2nd November

For information on how you can support your child please scroll down to find a video which can give you some ideas with helping your child!

This term in year 1 we will be learning about:Sun

Maths – Numbers to 10. (Number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction within 10.)

English – Into the forest (Exploring vocabulary around the forest, using our sense to describe and building our phonic knowledge to support our writing)

Science – All about me.

History - Family History, Understaning the past, present and future.

PSHE - Being Me!

Art – Self Portraits

ICT – Programming a BeeBot.

RE - Belonging 


Parent support - how to help your childHand

We have been asked for ideas on how to support writing at home. Below is a video to give you some advice on developing writing in year 1.

If there is anything else you need support with, please send us an email and we will put some ideas onto the webpage to help you at home.


Video: These are the phonics sounds we use in school. Please familarise yourself with them so you too can use them at home to support your child! 

English overview

The attached document below shows the English overview in Year 1 for the year. It identifies the theme of the texts that the children will be exploring and displays the outcome of each term.


Recommended Reads

Looking for something to read whilst you are at home? Have a go at getting through these 100 recommended reads for Year 1:






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