Covid-19 - parent info


Week 29.11.21

This week the children have been enjoying acting in role in the outdoor area. They have been pretending that it is Christmas Eve and made a Christmas house. They pretended to go to sleep whilst Santa crept around delivering presents. 


We decorated our class tree and made tree decorations to sell at the Christmas fayre. 

Road Safety Week 22.11.21

This week the children have been learning about road safety. We have been learning about what the different road signs mean. We know that the red light means stop and the green light means go. We made our own traffic lights and used them to direct the traffic in our outdoor area. We have been working with our friends to build different roads using the puzzle and talking about what we can see in the illustrations. We designed our own cars using 2Simple and our parents cut them out and made them into cars for us. We have enjoyed washing the bikes in our outdoor role-play area.

Week 4 road safety


This is the road safety song that we have learning.


Birthdays Week 15.11.21

This week we have been learning about birthdays as part of our celebrations topic. We had a birthday party for William who is our class puppet. We followed a recipe to make fairy cakes and counted out two decorations as this is our number of the week. We wrote invitations and made cards. We wore party clothes on Friday and played lots of party games. We had balloons, dancing, pass the parcel and ate party food. We had so much fun.

Week 3 website   birthdays



Covid Closure Activities 22.10.21

We have put together some exciting activities for you to do at home tomorrow (22.10.21)



Week 4 27.9.21


Autumn 1st week 4 pics

This week we have been thinking about friendship and learning our friendship rules. 

  • We listen to each other.
  • We share our toys.
  • We take turns.
  • We say kind things.
  • We help each other.
  • We have fun together.


Welcome to a new school year. We are so excited to share our news wtih you and show you what wonderful learning has been taking place in the Nursery this year. 





Toilet Training

Using the toilet is a new skill for many of our Nursery children. The NHS website has some excellent advice to help with toilet training.

Our Nursery staff are eager to support you and your child with toilet training and will encourage all children to visit the toilet at regular intervals during their session. Please provide spare clothes and wet wipes so that we can change them if they have an accident. 

Please watch Pirate Pete's Potty Adventure together and talk about what Pete is doing.

There is also a toilet song to make using the toilet fun.




Please watch the brief welcome video message. We look forward to meeting you in September.









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