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Summer Term

Activities Week 6-9th July


The children had lots of fun learning Ghanaian drumming patterns and chants. They did an excellent job of keeping the beat. 


We were visited by Dave who brought lots of interesting animals for us to see and handle. One of the children said, “I loved the snake it was so smooth. Today was the funnest nursery day ever.”


Sports Day 8.7.21

We are learning to participate and work as part of a team. Thank you to Reception and Year 1 for being such a fab audience. One of the children said, "Today I'm enjoying going to the sports day. I enjoy hopping in the cover then running around."

Joining Hands - Summer Term

Please click on the link below to gain access to Nursery's Joining Hands workshop.


Animals and Creatures

We have started our topic about animals and creatures and this week we are looking at sea creatures.

We are very please to announce that we are sending home the Bookstart Treasure packs. This year the free book is Octopants by Suzy Senior. The pack also contains an information leaflet to help you make the most of story time with your child. I am so excited to be able to send these beautiful books home and hope that your child will treasure their book for many years to come.  

Bookstart treasure 498x280

People Who Help Us

This week we are thinking about the work of the Police. We have found out lots of intresting facts from books and online. 

WIN 20210504 09 53 31 Pro (2)

We have discovered that the police wear a uniform and need lots of different equipment including handcuffs and a radio. We discovered that there are different types of hats that they wear.

WIN 20210504 13 24 48 Pro

We decided to make some handcuffs using chain links. The children had to test their handcuffs to see if they fit, if they were too short then they added links and if they were too long then they removed some. This was great for developing our hand eye coordination.

WIN 20210504 09 54 08 Pro (2)

We acted in role taking it in turns to be police officers and putting our friends in jail. We are learning that the police work hard to keep us safe and stop people from breaking the law.

WIN 20210504 13 22 49 Pro

We have been writing police fines and speeding tickets. The children love writing for a purpose especially when they are acting in role.   

WIN 20210504 09 55 08 Pro

We are all at different stages in our writing. We have lots of fun mark making.


This week we welcome Mrs Smith to the Nursery teaching team. Last week we said goodbye to Miss Kahtun. We wish her all the best for her new adventure. 



A Celebration of Home Learning

Well done to all of our families that have been sending in evidence of the wonderful work going on at home during this lockdown. 

This website has some brilliant ideas to help you with activities that you can do at home. 






Learning taking place Spring Term in Nursery

Week 2 Week beginning 1.3.21

Week 2 spring 2nd


We have been celebrating World Book Day by enjoying stories about pants! We have read Aliens Love Underpants, Pirates Love Underpants, Pants, Animal Underpants. We have been designing our own pants and writing about them using our emergent mark making skills. We made an assault course as part of our Jigsaw work and cheered our friends on. Our scissor skills are improving and we have been racing the sand timers to see which one will go through the fastest.   


Week 1 Week Beginning 22.2.21 â€‹Week 1 spring 2ndThe children have been learning about the Enormous Turnip story. We made our own soup in a machine. We noticed seeds growing in some of the vegetables and we explored the different layers as we peeled them away. This week we explored curved and pointed shapes experimenting with rolling and stacking. We noticed signs of spring as we explored the outdoor area.


Week 6 Week Beginning 8.2.21

Capture finalThis week we have been thinking about measure. Our special story was The Runaway Pancake. 

Week 5 Week Beginning 1.2.21

Week 5 final

This week we have been learning about living and dead plants. The children have been mixing potions in the Eco Area and have been counting out Numicon tubes for Spider-Man, which they have been picking up with tweezers. We are learning to identify our names from within a group of names and have been using our imaginations in our play. We kept score as we scored basketball points using our own emergent marks. We are working hard at putting on our own coats with more independence.



At the end of last week, our children were very interested in super hero play. We have incorporated this interest into our provision this week. It was especially exciting to see them wanting to write messages for Spider-Man and attach them to the web for him to collect.

Week 4 Week Beginning 25.1.21

6 dinosaurs

Our number of the week is 6. We have been counting out 6 objects from larger groups and hunting for the number around the Nursery. 

Car ramp

We are using number names in our play. We used tally to keep a score of how many times we scored 6 as the car went down the ramp. 


Red Riding Hood Writing

Our special story this week is Little Red Riding Hood. We will be acting out the story in a variety of ways, making traps for the wolf and writing get well soon cards and shopping lists. 

Week 3 Week Beginning 18.1.21

Shadow 1

One of our boys has been very interested in shadows this week. I showed him how I could draw around his shadow and we talked about how it was so much longer than him. 

Shadow 2

Later on he was enjoying drawing around the shadows of his favourite toys. 

Large ice

We are continuing to follow the children's interests in freezing and melting. This is what one of the children said about our large ice block that we made, "Ice was melting by a sun. The sun is hot, it melts the ice into water."


Incey wincey spider game

We are taking turns as we play the Incey Wincey Spider counting game. We are learning to count amounts and say number names in sequence.


We are learning to concentrate for periods of time and we are learning to pay attention to detail in our self directed activities. 


We are learning to keep on trying and not give up when we find something tricky. We are learning to ask our friends and our teachers for help. 



We love reading and sharing books together in our Nursery. Books are highly valued and children are encouraged to handle them with care. 

Week 2 Week Beginning 11.1.21


The children are learning how to give instructions to the Bee-Bots. We have been using lots of words to describe position and direction.  They willingly approach others to play and take turns. 

Collecting for ice

Ice in tree

Our children are curious about the world around them. They collected natural and man-made objects from the Eco Area and we froze them in water to make these beautiful tree decorations. 


This week we are looking at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children are learning that print carries meaning and how to handle books. 

Three Billy Goats Gruff 1

The children acted the story out with props. The bridge kept falling down so they problem solved by constructing a stronger bridge. 

Dog and bone game

We have been practicing our counting skills as we play the Dog and Bone game.

Anisa mark making

The children are enjoying mark making in their play. They are beginning to make 'messages' for others. 

Samuel drawing

Drawing a scene from the story and designing our own trolls. 

Pirate table


The children collected the treasure from our small world pirate table. They were thinking of different ways to sort the treasure. They worked well together listening to each other's ideas. Later some of the children made treasure maps.

Week 1 Week Beginning 6.1.21


Humpty photos

We are learning the rhyme Humpty Dumpty. 

Egg drop

We experimented and discovered that Humpty Dumpty sustained more damage the higher the wall. 

Cracked egg craft 2

Expressing our own ideas about Humpty Dumpty using different media and materials. 

Flower sizes

We have noticed that one of our amaryllis plants has failed to grow. We discussed what may have caused this to happen.

Pollen collection

One of the children noticed the pollen on the stamen. We talked about how bees carry pollen from one flower to another and watched a video clip. The children acted out what they had seen in the video. 

Icecream counting

We have been doing lots of counting in our icecream shop. We are learning to make comparisons between different quantities saying who has more, less or the same. 


We have been exploring the outdoor area in the cold weather. We talked about why the ice had formed and observed it melting. 

Snow circle

We found lots of different shapes which had been formed in the snow. Here is a circle.

Snow triangle

Here is a triangle.

Snow writing

We enjoy mark making in multisensory play. We are beginning to show variation in shape and form in our marks. 

Autumn Term 2020

Joining Hands - Autumn 2020

This term, our Joining Hands workshop will be taking place right here on our website!

The focus for this term is Reading as it is such a big priority for us here at Castle Academy. Please take a look at the videos below. The first introduces you to our English leader, Mrs Hemming, who has an important message for you and the second video shows a teacher modelling how you can read with your child.

Click here to see special notices and further material on how to support your child with their reading.



Toilet Training

Using the toilet is a new skill for many of our Nursery children. The NHS website has some excellent advice to help with toilet training.

Our Nursery staff are eager to support you and your child with toilet training and will encourage all children to visit the toilet at regular intervals during their session. Please provide spare clothes and wet wipes so that we can change them if they have an accident. 

Please watch Pirate Pete's Potty Adventure together and talk about what Pete is doing.

There is also a toilet song to make using the toilet fun.




Please watch the brief welcome video message. We look forward to meeting you in September.










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